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Print faster, cleaner and cost effectively with Virtual Stock

There has literally never been a better time to either join our Virtual Stock programme, or to expand the number of titles you have available via Lightning Source if you're already using it.

That impetus doesn't only come from us: retailers increasingly demand constant availability as they compete to be the first to be able to supply titles in the wake of services like Amazon Prime, and as the global footprint of our POD partnerships grows your titles can reach international accounts far, far, far faster than anyone could place an order with a printer and ship stock half way around the world. Not to mention the fact that the environmental impact is much lower when printing on demand.

In the age of Virtual Stock, where every title is printable at high quality almost immediately, there really is no need to miss out on sales ever. Titles that are not ordered won't be sold, but titles that cannot be ordered cannot be fulfilled. It's that agility - where publishers can pick what they want for sale, where and when, that makes POD one of the forefront methods of distribution for the future.

As if all those good reasons weren't enough the cost of setting titles POD-ready is also now significantly less. We know first-hand the difference having titles POD-ready can make for our clients - we can see the resulting sales. If you'd like to explore Virtual Stock further, or you'd like to expand your current offering, please contact Gina Walpole directly here: