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We’ve been a leader in distribution and publisher services in one form or another for well over four decades now, distilling our experience into every aspect of the business since our Plymouth facility originally opened its doors as ‘Macdonald & Evans’ back in 1976. Following several sales and acquisitions over many decades the company, then known as NBN International, was acquired by Ingram Content Group in June 2017, and was renamed Ingram Publisher Services UK in January of 2021.

1970s warehouse

our book distribution business in Plymouth in the late 1970s

Since the acquisition by Ingram we’ve gone from strength to strength, establishing ourselves as one of the foremost book distributors and publisher services companies in the UK. Significant investment has allowed us to provide industry-leading metadata and reporting systems for our publisher clients, in addition to the opening of a made-for-purpose distribution facility in Milton Keynes, where the company is now headquartered. We also have offices in Plymouth and London, where the majority of our customer and client facing colleagues currently work.

Today we distribute to every corner of the world. Over the years we’ve seen both the industry and our business change radically. But one thing that hasn’t changed is our commitment to providing dynamic, cutting edge distribution on behalf of all of our publisher clients. Distributing books and providing publisher services is what do, but it’s our history, our people and our forward-thinking attitude that makes us truly distinctive.

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about ips uk

Ingram Publisher Services UK (IPS UK) combines the logistical and operational power of Ingram with leading sales and marketing services. We’re proud to offer a comprehensive full-service book and ebook distribution solution for more than 500 publishers across the professional, trade and academic publishing sectors.

We work closely with our client publishers to identify how we can best serve the needs of each and combine the expertise of all our teams across Ingram Content Group to help our publisher clients grow.

about ingram content group

Ingram Content Group is driven by a dedication to serve all segments of the book and content industry, empowering a stronger, more connected reading world.

Books — printed ones, digital ones, whatever the format, medium or genre — ours is the technology that keeps titles moving across the globe. With vast industry-wide experience and expertise, and with a strong and lasting commitment to constant innovation, we've been doing it for over 50 years.

The world is reading. Our goal is to connect as many people to the content they want in the most straightforward ways possible.

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