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Future Proof Your Inventory with Virtual Stock

Ready to simplify your publishing, reach new markets, and be kinder to the planet to boot? Whether you're new to print-on-demand (POD) or a seasoned user, the benefits have never been greater. Plus, with distribution space increasingly at a premium, and with customers still expecting lightning-fast delivery, future-proofing your catalogue with our Virtual Stock service couldn't be easier.

What are just some of the benefits? Well...

Never Unavailable 🔛- all titles in our Virtual Stock programme appear as in stock and available to retailers, so you never need to worry about getting your book into the hands of readers

Seamlessly Consolidated 📦- if a customer orders titles that are POD-ready and stored in our warehouse in one go we'll consolidate the whole order, saving you on freight, and streamlining supply

Cost Effective 💷 - you'll be surprised at the affordability of printing via Virtual Stock, and by the convenience of being able to select titles at will where you may need a few more copies on hand in the warehouse

Actively Saves Money 💰 - you can drastically cut the cost of excess stock fees by recycling unneeded units, and setting them to print on demand

Global Reach 🌍 - once your titles is in Virtual Stock it's also eligible to enter our Global Connect programme, where our partners around the world can have you books with local retailers fast

Better for the Environment ♻️ - the carbon footprint of titles printed-on-demand is far lower than traditional methods, where books are typically sent from fulfilment centre to fulfilment centre before arriving with retailers or customers

This isn't just an offer to consider if you're not already printing via Ingram... we'd strongly advise clients across our publisher base to think about gains they might make by setting relevant titles POD-ready now. The trend is only going one way - satisfying customer demand as quickly as possible after it arises. We really think our publishers could get a head start by acting now. Contact for more.