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Christmas at IPS UK 2022🎄

Christmas comes but once a year... but blow us down with a feather if it doesn't seem to be coming around quicker and quicker these days. Below you'll find our last order dates for 2022, plus other pertinent information about all things IPS UK for over the festive season...

Urgent Orders

If your order is urgent it's really important that you make this clear in the subject line of your email; please call out urgent orders with ***URGENT*** and make sure you specify if the order is time sensitive. If we don't receive it in good time before the last order dates below it's unlikely to make its delivery deadline.

Goods In

As per the IPS UK delivery specifications stock needs to be with us in good time before the last order dates below; titles should be booked in at least five working days before the last order dates for both ROW and the UK. We can't guarantee dispatches if stock isn't delivered well before it needs to be released.

Last Order Dates

The last day for submitting international orders by courier for Christmas delivery is Friday 9th December, 2022. Please note that we can’t account for any closures at third party freight forwarders or shippers used by international customers which may impact delivery dates at the end destination.

The last day for submitting UK orders by courier for Christmas delivery is Friday 16th December, 2022

Postal orders, whether international or UK, must be with us as early as possible. As there is no tracking we cannot commit to Christmas delivery.

As always, our last order dates are a guide and not a guarantee. Orders submitted after these dates are very unlikely to make Christmas delivery. Our advice is to ensure that you get your orders to us as quickly as possible.

Gifting idea: why not wrap your presents in IPS UK paper for the book distribution lover in your life?

Opening Hours

Both our offices and warehouse are open on every day that is not a UK bank holiday, a list of which you can find here.

Our Goods In team ( is available at the warehouse between 07:30 and 14:30

Our Customer Services team is available by phone between 09:00 and 15:00 (+44(0)1752 202301), or by email (

Orders can be sent directly to - please remember to flag as ***URGENT*** if applicable

Parcel Hubs and Third Party Carriers

Please note that over Christmas and New Year many UK shippers and courier hubs close across the season, and if packages have not been delivered by December there is a possibility that they may not be delivered until after the New Year. This is outside of our control, and we cannot commit to having orders progressed between December 23rd and January 2nd.

And finally...

...whether you're celebrating Christmas or not we hope you have a fantastic break, and a great end to 2022. We're looking forward to everything 2023 holds, as we continue to move forward with making our service even better for client publishers across the board.